Users adore behavior (flexibility, new wishes)
Falling children's age, it is hard to keep the youngsters tight. There is struggle for funds, with more control and administration from municipality, sports organizations, etc. - and we want stronger cooperation between the departments.

Therefore, we have four main areas we work with.

Facilities that meet the requirements of the time and allow members to practice sports in a flexible way.

BI Springcenter
BI Body Bike (spinning)
Running Club
A simple administration and organization that gives more time to sports

Electronic office
Electronic payment
SMS communication
The right leader / instructor
Collaboration with other associations
Offer to young people between 13 and 18 years of development opportunities that can be used for the rest of life and provide the foundation for the future leader / coach of BI.

Targeted Marketing
Greasy events

It must be fun to join BI and you may be a little proud.
BI branding
Cooperation between departments
Concerts and spectators

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