§ 1 - Name

The association's name is Billund Idrætsforening.

The association was founded on May 27, 1904.

The association's seat is Billund city.

§ 2 - Purpose

The association's purpose is, by sport, to promote the health and well-being of the individual and the community.

§ 3 - Memberships

The association is a member of relevant and necessary sports organizations and is thus subject to their articles of association.


§ 4 - Registration and Cancellation

A new department / activity may be established at any time if a department board / activity committee of at least 3 members is appointed from the sport concerned. The chairman is an automatic member of the Executive Board.

Departments / activities may at any time be deleted from the association if this has been decided at an extraordinary annual meeting of the department concerned, with at least 2/3 of the votes cast. In that case, the chairman will automatically resign from the main board and the financial intermediary will be rescinded.

Cancels a department / activity due to lack of connection and the like. the activity is closed and the assets accrue to the association.

§ 5 - Departments

Each department / activity selects its own management and who draws the department / activity.

The various departments / activities themselves prepare the procedures and regulations for their department. However, these shall be submitted to the Executive Board for approval.

Economic tasks that exceed the equity / assets equity must always be submitted to the Executive Board for approval.

Everyone has the right to vote in the departments where you pay and to the Association's Annual Meeting.


§ 6 - Quotas

The quota is determined and charged by the individual departments.

An administration fee is paid to the association, which is determined by the Executive Board.


§ 7 - Management

The association is headed by a General Board consisting of:

  1. Business Committee
  2. The chairmen of the department.

At the Annual Meeting, members are elected to the Business Committee, consisting of:

  1. Chairman.
  2. Vice-President.
  3. Cashier.
  4. One or more common members

Each member of the Business Committee is elected for a period of 2 years. There are members of the elections every year. The business committee will immediately act after the Annual General Meeting.

An alternate is also elected.

The association's operations are carried out by the Business Committee on the basis of business procedures decided by the Executive Board and the Annual Calendar.

§ 8 Drawing Rules & Claims

The address of the association is the seat of the resident chairman.

The association shall be signed by the chairman, except for the purchase, sale or pledge of immovable property, as well as for the admission of loans, by the total business committee.

The members of the association and members of the board do not personally pay the obligations of the association for which the association alone is liable with its assets.

The association is subject to the municipality's accounting rules for voluntary associations.


§ 9 - Accounting and Auditing

The association's accounts are from 1 January to 31 December. The accounts are submitted to the auditors last February.

It is up to the Business Committee to draw up budgets for the association's economy, with the help of the individual departments. Auditors are elected in turn at the Annual Meeting for 2 years at a time.


§ 10 - Annual Meeting

The highest authority of the association is the Annual Meeting, which will be held before the end of March and a call will be made on the association's website with 14 days notice and the agenda.

Proposals to be considered at the Annual General Meeting must be received by the chairman within 8 days before.


  1. Selection of the conductor.
  2. Distribution of the year's sports prizes
  3. Annual Report.
  4. Presentation of the audited accounts.
  5. Presentation and approval of the budget for the coming year
  6. Processing of proposals received.
  7. a. Selection of Business Committee §7
  8. election of 1 alternate
  9. election of 2 auditors. Section 9
  10. Possibly.

Only active members who have reached the age of 15 have the right to vote. Eligible persons are 15 years old, however, elected under 18 may not occupy the chairman and cashier posts.

All cases are decided by a simple majority of votes, however, required to amend these articles of association at least 2/3 of the votes cast.

The decision of the decision is written.


§ 11 - Extraordinary Annual Meeting

Extraordinary annual meeting shall be held when a majority of the Executive Board, or 50 named members, wishes this. The meeting shall be held no later than 4 weeks after receipt of the request and it shall be announced at the same time as an ordinary annual meeting.

§12 - Articles of Association amendments

Statute changes can only be made at an annual meeting and for the adoption of a change, at least 2/3 of the valid votes cast are for the proposal.


§13 - Resolution

Billund Idrætsforening can only be dissolved when at least 2/3 of the voting participants in 2 consecutive extraordinary annual meetings vote for this.

The possible fortune then happens to other sports associations in Billund city.


Thus adopted at the Annual Meeting on 24.02.1977.

Revised on 29.03.2007.

Revised on 23.03.2011.

Approved at the BI Annual Meeting on 23 March 2011

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